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Pakistan vs West Indies T20 World Cup 2014 - Bangladesh

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Earlier this month, Pakistan beat the West Indies in a 5 One Day International series by leading 3-1. Soon after that the two T20 matches were to take place between the two teams; on the 27th and 28th of July, in St. Vincent. Before the first T20 match that took place yesterday, there were mixed views about who would be victorious. Some people thought that since Pakistan had won the ODI series so smoothly, they will be able to comfortably win the T20 as well whereas others thought that the T20 champions, West Indies, would win regardless of their loss in ODI series since they were popular for performing well in the T20s. However, at the end of the first match it was Pakistan who was victorious. In order to save their team from the embarrassment of being the home team yet not winning a single series, West Indies needs to perform really well in the upcoming match today: the second T20 match.

The first T20 match started off really well for team Pakistan. They were the first to bowl and the first over was delivered by Mohammad Hafeez, the captain of team Pakistan. The position of captaincy does really well to boost the performance of Mohammad Hafeez, when he bowled out two wickets on two balls it seemed quite unbelievable. If he continues to ball so accurately and efficiently in the next match, he can raise the chances of victory for Pakistan really high. Another bowler Zulfikar Babar from team Pakistan proved to be really advantageous for the team since he took three wickets in the match. As much as he was surprised on his winning six on the last ball of the second innings, the fans were too.

When Afridi came on the field to bat, the Pakistan team and fans were really scared for him because of his mercurial previous performances in the T20s. However, he played very wisely. He played sixes and boundaries where it was safe to do so and took singles and short-length shots where he found himself facing an intimidating bowler. Coming in on the fifth position in the batting line up, he handled the match really well when it usually falters due to the poor performances of batsmen in the middle batting positions. All hope seemed to be lost when he was bowled out, however if it had not been for Zulfikar Babar’s winning six the match would have most likely be wound up as a tie between the two teams. If he continues to handle those shots towards the end of the second match, the Pakistani captain does not have to worry about losing the first few wickets.

West Indies, regardless of their loss in the first match played really well. They were extremely close to winning when Afridi was bowled out but then Babar managed it really well. However, West Indies bowling was really poor. They seemed to have started off really well but then the likes of Umar Amin pulled the innings in Pakistan’s favour. There were about ten extras which teach the Windies to avoid any more loose deliveries in the second match, the extras were one of the factors that saved Pakistan after Afridi was bowled out. Sammy should deliver more overs than what he did in the last match since he was one of the good ones and he could bring victory to the Windies.
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