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Pakistan vs Germany Hockey Final - FIH Champions Trophy 2014

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Pakistan vs Germany Hockey Live Streaming final match of FIH Champions Trophy scheduled to play at Kalinga Stadium on 14th December, 2014. Pakistan after beating India by 4-3 and Germany beating Australia by 3-2 are in the final match of the event. Watch Pakistan vs Germany hockey live streaming with score updates.
Pakistan vs Germany Hockey Champions Trophy Final Highlights
Germany 2 - 0 Pakistan

59'Last few seconds. German players encouraging crowd to cheer
58'Stopper cant stop the ball. Germany counter-attacks
58'** Penalty Corner : PC for Pakistan**
57'A mid-field pass for Fuchs who does a solo. takes his time, comes near the goal post and flicks to the right corner of the net.
57'** Goal : Florian Fuchs scored**
54'A good ball from Christopher Ruhr who does a solo, flicks it towards Wesley at the goalmouth, but ball goes untrapped.
53'Back to back attacks from Germany in the last two minutes
52'Skipper Fuertse takes it and flicks it on the left of the D. But goalie stops
52'PC for Germany
51'Furk attacks from right flank again. Two German players inside the D, but no one traps. Gopod chance wwasted
50'A good pass for Zwicker, but he is unable to control. Muhammad Dilber snatches and clears it for Pakistan
48'Germany tries for dummy, loses possession. Counter-attack from Pakistan
47'** Penalty Corner : PC for Germany. Timur Oruz earns it. Pakistan goes for referral.**
45'Ali Shan with the ball just outside the German D. No takers for his pass. Ball trapped by German defender
44'Dan Luong dodges two players, but unable to move forward, is successful in earning a free hit
42'All action still taking place in the German side of the mid-field.
42'The last few minutes have been tense for Germany, but defenders completely on alert.
40'Hauke and Bhutta in intense tackle as ball nears German D
39'A good pass from Muhammad Irfan but the two players standing in the same line fail to trap.
36'Germans get a tense moment as ball enters inside their D, but all defenders on alert. Ball cleared the moment it entered.
34'Fuchs tries to enter from the right flank, loses the ball.
32'First attack comes from Germany. Christopher Ruhr this time deflects the ball way too high.
30'Match starts
28'Dan Luong tries deflecting a shot that comes from Gomoll's rebound. Muhammad Irfan ends up getting the ball and clears it.
27'** Yellow Card : Shakeel Ahmed Butt gets yellow card. Pakistan playing with 10 players.**
25'Another good chance for Germany. Wellen and Hauke combine is an almost empty D, but Wellen's deflection is off-angle.
24'Furk blocked well by Pakistan. Unable to move ahead, he back pass.
21'Mats Grambusch on a one-one situation with goalie. But goalie completely covers the angle.
20'Pakistan's Waqas Muhammad tried to enter from the left flank but stopped just outside the D by Pilt Arnold.
18'** Goal : Jonas Monoll sends a pass to Christopher Wesley who is unmarked inside the D and deflects it comfortably.**
17'Skipper Moritz flicks it straight, goalie saves. Dan Luong attempts a rebound but shot goes wide.
17'** Penalty Corner : Wrong tackle by Umar Bhutta earns a PC for Germany**
16'Second quarter starts
15'FIRST Quarter
14'Good defence by Pak, even as first QUARTER come to close
13'Florian Fuchs snatches the ball upfront from right side of his D, reaches Pak D, whacks from top on reverse, but shot wide only the GK to beat
11'Moritz and Tasawar collide in the midfield, ball being rotated by either side, cautious game on display
8'Waqas solo, Moritz tackles on his own D
6'Tobias Hauke retrieve a tricky situation and changes the direction of game towards his side, pressure off for Germ
5'Shakeel Butt and Shan Ali make a combined move, pressure on Germ
3'Pak makes a feeble attack from the right, but German player extends full stick and collects the ball, set up a counter, cross inside Pak D, bounces off the stopper, no danger for Pak
2'Ruhr took the drag, high one, but wide on the right post
1'** Penalty Corner : Chris Ruhr surges from left flank, and earns team's and match's first PC**
1'Match starts
0'Second quarter starts
0'Second quarter starts
0'Like every other day, the stands are totally full, when the anthems were sung, everybody opened their mob and kept on clicking and making video, presenting a panoramic star lit sky-like canvass on the other side
0'National anthem over, team cuddle in hockey pyramid style on their respective halves.
0'Both teams line up for national anthem, even as crowd chants anti Pak and pro Germany slogans
0'Pak chief coach, himself a renowned Olympian, has tendered apology for whatever happened yesterday while his team celebrated victory over India.
0'Crowd chants anti Pakistan slogan in vocal
0'Pakistan and Germany team on the turf.
0'Pakistan plays their second Champions Trophy final on Indian soils. They did so in 1996 against Netherlands, now against Germany
Where to Watch live:

The final match of FIH Champions Trophy between Germany and Pakistan will be broadcasted on Ten Sports in Pakistan, India, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Match Info:

  • Event: FIH Hockey Champions Trophy 2014
  • Match: Final
  • Teams: Pakistan vs Germany
  • Date: 14th December, 2014
  • Time: 19:30 Local | 19:00 PST | 14:00 GMT
  • Venue: Bhubaneswar, India

Match Preview:

Pakistan will take on Germany on 14th December in the final match of FIH champions’ trophy 2014 and this match is scheduled to be played on 07:30 Local time. Pakistan reached in the final match of the event after beating India and will play final after 16 years where this team will face Germany.

Germany defeated Australia by 3-2 in the 1st semi final played on 13th December, 2014 and reached to the final, while Pakistan beaten their arch rival India in 2nd semi final by 4-3 and reached in final game of the event.

The Pakistani team have won the title of Champion for three times, settled with silver medal for 6 times and achieved bronze medal for seven times. Pakistan won the bronze medal last time in 2012 event held in Melbourne.

German ended Australia’s lengthy tenure of governance on hockey as they heave beaten Australia in the 1st semi final of the event at in a thrilling meeting tussle at Kalinga Stadium. This stadium is looking good in order to support the arch rival Pakistan as India would definitely want to grab the trophy in their territory.

The Australian team has been champions since they won the event in 2008 and remain champions for consecutive 5 times in a row, while the Markus Weise did not win a single Gold Medal since 2009, but the team continued to grow as the tournament progressed.

German played quite well in the 1st semi final against defending champion Australia as they scored two goals till the 9th minute of the match before the 1st half. Timur Oruz got a lovely feathered touch a smothy pass from Lukas and scored a goal.

So this was the beginning of Australian overwhelming by German in an important and survival match, while the Australian team did not have to showoff a match winning attitude till the last second of the game.

Pakistan played a breathtaking match and they survived as Mohammad Arslan scored a goal on 6thminute of the game and Pakistan got a lead of one goal, Arslan’s last goal helped Pakistan to reach in the final match.
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